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About Rules


Help maintain a beautiful resting place.

Flower Regulations

The cemetery crew will install either concrete strips between monuments or concrete U's adjacent to the foundation. They can be ordered through a monument company. This is the only area on a lot where plantings can be made.  

  • Shrub and tree plantings are not permitted.

  • Shepherd hooks can be placed against the foundation for hanging arrangements. 

  • Monument saddles can be placed on top of monuments; no other planting is allowed.

  • All dead plantings and floral arrangements MUST be removed by October 1st.  Plantings may be done in Spring after danger of last frost.

  • All casket interments require a vault.  

  • All cremation urns that re not brass, bronze, copper, marble, marbleon or pewter must be interred in a cremation vault.   ALL cremation containers MUST be sealed. 


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