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About Fees

Prices effective August 2019 and are subject to change without notice.

Cremation Garden Of Rest
Grave Space Price $300.00 including perpetual care.

One burial per 3' x 3' space.  Monument is not mandatory but if chosen must be flush with ground.  No permanent urns, planters or direct plantings allowed.

Garden of Angels (for infants only)
Grave Price $75.00 including perpetual care

One burial per 2’ x 3” space.  Monument not mandatory but if one is chosen it must be flush with ground.  No permanent urns, planters or direct plantings allowed.

Single Space
Price $650.00 including perpetual care


Two burials permissible per grave.  One casket and one cremation burial or two cremation burials. Monument is not mandatory.  If you choose a monument, an upright is permissible.  No permanent urns, planters or direct plantings are allowed unless in a flower “U” which must be purchased thru the cemetery.  No tree or bush plantings allowed.

Second Rite of Interment 

For second interment on a grave space, contact the cemetery for current prices.  Second interment pricing does not include applicable opening and closing fees or overtime fees. 

Grave Open/Close
Full Burial $1000 Winter/$900 Spring
Cremation $600 Winter/$550 Spring

Important note:  All cremation burials require an urn vault unless the container is made of brass, bronze, copper, marble, marbleon or pewter and it must be sealed.  A “Report of Final Disposition must be provided to the cemetery for each burial. 

We have grave spaces available.  

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